Screenography is a product of Vertical Moon, a company that specializes in developing various software programs for multimedia presentations. Screenography is an easy-to-use program with a capability of capturing the user's screen to several movie, image, as well as Flash formats. The program is quite useful when it comes to creating tutorials, demonstrations, and training videos.

Screenography can also be availed in a Lite version. The name of this version is “Screenography Lite”. Unlike the normal version of the program, the Lite version does not have the capacity to record the user's screen to movies.

The features of the program includes the following:

  • Screenography has the capability of capturing any area of the screen to an image or Flash file. It can be done either instantly or in a timed screenshot.
  • Screenography can capture objects on the screen. This is applicable in windows, menus, icons, as well as dialog boxes.
  • Screenography can record the user's voice using a microphone. This can be done while recording the screen. Not available in the Lite version.
  • Screenography can record any area of the screen to a movie or Flash file. Not available in the Lite version.
  • Screenography can save movie stills to formats such as AVI, DV, FLC, MPEG-4, MOV, SWF, Flash Projector Files, and FLV. Not available in the Lite version.
  • Screenography can add Flash preloaders to Flash movie files with the program's preloader option. Alternatively, it can add more customized Flash preloaders with SWF Lock & Load.
  • Screenography has the capability of adding Drop Shadow and Color Fades to the border of the user's captures.

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